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Looking for a typical property in Tuscany

Type: Villa or country house

Budget: Up to 1,5 million

We are looking for a German client a property with authentic atmosphere, possibly historic, with at least 6 rooms, pool and garden (even of not large dimensions). It is important that has been recently renovated, maintaining its original character. The preference zone is Tuscany but also neighboring regions.

Request code: 617


Seeking villa on Lake Como

Type: Villa

Budget: 1.000.000 €

Request code: TQ54


Large farm located in Centre-South of Italy

Type: Farm flat with agricultural land

Budget: up to 12 millions Euros

We're looking for a large farm from 100 up to 500 hectares of flat land with possibility of watering to plant fruit trees. The farm has to be located in the Centre-South of italy with a warm climate. The property has to include some buildings for th workers and for the farm machinery.

Request code: LN1R


We are looking for an exclusive villa between Fermo and Macerata

Type: Villa

Budget: Up to 4 million Euro

We are looking for an exclusive villa between Fermo and Macerata on behalf of an Italian VIP client

Request code: STR5


We are looking for a traditional farmhouse in Le Marche

Type: Farmhouse

Budget: From 500.000 to 1 million Euro

We are looking for a traditional farmhouse in Le Marche, in a secluded location with minimum 4 bedrooms.

Request code: CM54




Request code: BX1I




Purchase request

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We are looking for a country house in Tuscany or Umbria

Type: Country House with swimming pool

Budget: 1.000.000 €

For a buyer urgently looking to purchase, we are looking for a restored country house with a pool, in Tuscany, or Umbria on the border with Tuscany. The buyer collects classic cars so requires a garage for at least three cars (or space to build one). The house should measure between 150 and 250 sq.m approx, with three bedrooms. In a well-connected location, not isolated, a maximum of 1-3 km from the nearest populated area. Some of the buyer's car collection have low ground clearance and so a tarmacked road up to the house or as close as possible would be preferred.

Request code: 021P