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We are looking for a large farmhouse with 2 annexes and land in Tuscany

Type: Typical Tuscan farmhouse

Budget: Maximum budget (if already renovated) 5,000,000 €

For a German client, we are looking for a large typical farmhouse of at least 500 sqm, with 2 or more guest houses of at least 100 sqm each and approximately 200 sqm of non-residential outbuildings (for accessory use), in the Chianti area or north-east of Lucca. Renovated or to be renovated (in this case with a habitable portion). Panoramic and quiet but not isolated position. Hilly land of at least 3 hectares. Swimming pool, olive grove and vineyard appreciated.

Request code: B23T


We are looking for Arable Land in Tuscany

Type: Arable Land

Budget: Euros 3,500,000

For a referenced client we are looking for 300 hectares of arable land in Tuscany, preferably without buildings.

Request code: I12S


We are looking for a Farmhouse in Le Marche or Tuscany, near the sea

Type: Farmhouse

Budget: Euros 850,000

A belgian customer, is looking for a renovated farmhouse, in Le Marche or Tuscany, with minimun 3 bedrooms and a garden with swimming pool, near the coast and mxx 1 hour from an airport.

Request code: 232R


Looking for a restored Country house in Tuscany or in Umbria

Type: Farmhouse

Budget: Euros 2,000,000

A German client is looking for a farmhouse with min. 5 bedrooms, perfectly restored with pool, modern inside, with an olive grove and possibly a small vineyard, panoramic and away from industrial areas or disturbing elements. Tuscany mainly but open to consider Umbria.

Request code: FK2Q


We are looking for a restored Country home in Le Marche, not far from the sea

Type: Country house

Budget: 500,000 Euros

We are looking, for a german customer, for a restored country house, with minimun 4 bedrooms and a private garden, not far from the coast.

Request code: FK2P


We are looking for a traditional Country house, within 1 hour drive from Siena

Type: Country house

Budget: Euros 900,000

We are looking, for an english customer, a country house or a farmhouse in good structural condition, preferably on raised/hilly ground with view, in a private rural location but not remote, within 1 hour drive from Siena (preferably east/south/west). Land minimum 1.5 ha but would consider land area of up to 20 ha, with a swimming pool, or possibility of installing one. Price range up to Euros 900,000 only if fully renovated.

Request code: TA2O