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Bare ownership with return of 5.5% per annum half an hour from Lake Garda

- Half an hour from Lake Garda | Ref. code

Impressive historic palazzo for sale as bare ownership, for investment

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Brief description

Interesting investment which foresees the purchase of a historic palazzo for 1.550.000 Euro instead of the real estimated value of 2.750.000 Euro, which works out at an estimated annual return of 5.5%. Situated in a small hamlet, the palazzo has a total surface area of 1.780 sq.m, frescoes inside, 10 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, swimming pool and Italianate garden.

Description of buildings

The advantages of bare ownership

Bare ownership is the best method of high-return and low-risk investment (in this specific case 5,5% per annum) because it allows the purchase of a building at a reduced price compared to the real market value.


Why the price is lower

The reduction in price is due to the fact that the owner who is selling the property retains the right to live there for the rest of their life, after which the bare owner regains the right and becomes full owner of the property at full market value.


How the price has been determined

The reduction in the asking price is established based on official calculations which take into account the life expectancy and age of the owner. Each year that passes, as the age of the owner increases, so does the value of the property.


Market value and sale price

In the specific case of this villa, the market value has been estimated at 2.750.000 Euro while the asking price for bare ownership is 1.550.000 Euro. This represents a difference of 1.200.000 Euro.

The reference point is the year in which the owner was born (1947), so, based on the calculations, the life expectancy of their right will be around 14 years.


So, in 14 years the increase in value will be 1.200.000 Euro: 85.700 Euro per annum.


Therefore, in respect of the initial investment we are talking about an annual return of around 5,5%.


Double return

In reality the return will be higher over time as the value of the building appreciates, depending on the growth of the market, to be expected given the current time in which the market has achieved minimum value over the last 4-5 years.


Investment for own use

Bare ownership can be a perfect alternative for those looking to buy a property as a rental income, because it is like collecting all of the monthly rent immediately by deducting it from the price and one can avoid the sorts of problems and responsibility that can come 

with a rental property.


Bare ownership can also be purchased as prevision for some future use, for ones children or to have increased capital.


Pure investment

It is also possible to sell the same bare ownership at any time, even after only a few years, taking advantage of the increase in market value along with that of the bare ownership figures.



Geographic position

La Corte Imperiale (the Imperial Court) is a fascinating historical palace with an Italianate garden, and a splendid example of late 17th century architecture. The building is structured over four floors plus a basement, for a total surface area of 1,850 sqm, structured in a characteristic horseshoe shape formed around a pretty courtyard and Italianate garden of around 1,000 sqm.

Situated half-way between Trento and Verona, the town where the property is located is in an area historically surrounded by manors and strategic castles, an outpost of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, which has influenced local traditions without taking anything away from the typical Italian architectural features.

Verona and its airport are around 40 minutes by car (60 km), while Bergamo and its airport are around an hour and a half away (140 km).
Lake Garda, one of Italy's biggest lakes, is within easy reach at 30 km away, along with some of the mountain resorts in the Dolomites, where the closest ski area is 40 minutes by car (Folgaria, 35 km).

The A22 motorway is 5 minutes down the road (6 km), while Verona can be reached by train in just half an hour, from where you can catch high speed rail links to all over Italy.



Description of buildings

La Corte Imperiale was built in the second half of the 17th century and is of great historical and artistic interest, as borne out by the planning limitations set by the Cultural Heritage Department.

Over the centuries, the palace has hosted guests including Napoleon Bonaparte, Empress Maria Teresa of Austria, Tsar Nicola I and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart during their continental travels.


The renovations carried out at the end of the 1990s kept the original features intact, while fitting the property out with the mod cons necessary for daily life in this history-drenched corner of the world.


The property includes a wine-cellar and ice-cellar on two levels, covering a total surface area of 132 sqm.
Above the cellars, there is a basement with a barbecue area opening onto a small private courtyard; on the ground floor, which is in good state, there are a series of reception rooms (one of which has a large 18th century French fireplace), currently used to host the owners' private collection of pianos and harpsichords: the whole floor, dedicated entirely to this purpose, has multiple access points onto the courtyard and Italianate garden, thanks to the building's typical "horseshoe" shape.


The total surface area of the ground floor is of approximately 506 sqm.


On this level we also find the main pedestrian entrance, with a driveway just further on next to a small, 30 sqm building overlooking the road.


The first floor is reached by two separate stairways: a central stairway and a secondary one located in the north wing. The secondary stairs run from the living area in the large apartment currently used by the owners, composed of a farmhouse kitchen opening onto a pleasant private terrace on one side and an external covered passageway on the other, leading to a small additional bathroom on the other side and a small one-bedroom maid's apartment.
On the same floor, going back to the landing and continuing through the rooms of the palace, we find a large living room with an antique majolica-glazed heater and a study with a bathroom (and service area) in a pleasant room which was once the antechamber to Napoleon Bonaparte's private room.
Continuing to the wing on the opposite side to the kitchen, we find a room with a bathroom and large master suite composed of a small sitting room with a large fresco of Juno (18th century), the master bedroom with dressing room, bathroom and access to a small outdoor terrace, in symmetry with the kitchen area.
The finishings on this floor, which has a gross surface area of approximately 445 sqm, are very elegant and well preserved, with frescoed ceilings, original floor tiles or parquet from the Napoleonic period, stuccoes and en-pendant decorations.


Another two stairways lead to the second floor, of a total surface area of 340 sqm. Starting from the north stairway, we arrive at another accommodation area with two communicating bedrooms, dressing room and bathroom. Continuing on, we find a living room with study and bathroom, a double bedroom and a large bedroom with a sleeping area and library.
From here, it would be possible to link to an apartment which is currently independent, with access from the road, composed of a living area with kitchen and living room, three bedrooms and a bathroom. The finishings in this area are all in good condition. 


On the top floor there is a large attic (approximately 404 sqm in total).

External areas

One of the most enjoyable aspects of the property, given its location in a historical town centre, is without doubt its courtyard, partly paved with river cobbles and partly designed as an Italianate garden with hedges and decorative stone elements (fountains and ornaments), which covers approximately 1,000 sqm, including a private parking area (for 4 vehicles).

On the first floor of the property there is a 35 sqm balcony which extends all the way around the inner perimeter, opening symmetrically onto two terraces (22 sqm each) on opposite sides.

Use and potential uses

The property is protected by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, allowing for tax benefits for property management (e.g. IMU council tax).
The purchase of the bare ownership makes this property a particularly good investment, with a range of potential future uses: by restoring the external façades to their original splendour, La Corte Imperiale could be made into an excellent office building, location for high profile events or even a small boutique hotel.

Distances and location


*The location of the property on the map is approximate